Mobile Engagement Strategy

The strategy to keep users engaged with your app on an ongoing basis is referred to as mobile engagement strategy. When you deploy a new mobile app to the store and invest in marketing your app to get more and more downloads, having a strategy to keep your app users engaged with your app is the most important decision to protect your investment and get the most out of it. The big question though is, how do you engage your users? Depending on the nature of the app, the users may or may not use it regularly.

Push Strategy

Push notifications can play a very significant role in increasing mobile engagement. If push notifications are included in your app then you can engage your app users with real time messaging. Useful messages will keep bringing the users back to your app for more information or certain actions they can take to benefit from the type of information you send.

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Call to Action

Another important aspect of using notifica- tions as part of your engagement strategy is to have some call to action tied to your notifi- cations. This can be achieved through rich push notifications. Rich notifications can be described as messages that lead to a more detailed view tied to the notification. This could be a web page that opens when the user taps on a message within the notification center. The web page can contain various ac- tions that the user can take. Depending on the type of content, you can easily lead the user to fill out a form, respond to a survey, respond to an event etc.

Notification Engagement

Engaging User

We must not forget that push notifications are permission based and users can choose to disable this service at the time of installing the app. Relying completely on push notifications for mobile engagement may not be the smartest move. A good work around could be including a notification center within your app. This will provide your app with a place to display fresh information and the notification center can also badge your app's icon to inform the user that fresh notifications have arrived. Using this strategy, you do not have to rely completely on permission-based messages. If the user allows your app to send push notifications then you can do a better job at grabbing their attention. On the contrary if the user disables push notification, you may not be able to grab immediate attention but will still be able to drive the user to your app via the notification center.

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XNotify is a ready-made notification center for your apps. It contains everything you need to send and receive notifications and associate various calls to action with the notifications. XNotify is a native notification engine that works within your app to enable rich push notifications. The user experience is seamless due to the native integration aspect of XNotify. It exposes several API functions for app developers to customize the look and feel of the notification center with your app.

XNotify is available for both iOS and Android platforms. If you are thinking of a mobile engagement strategy for your app, XNotify is definitely the way to go

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